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READ BELOW why the new edition of the Hybrid Forex Strategy is unlike any manual or automated system in existence, with the power to deliver ...

+100 Pips Per Trade

Now…1512 trading and testing days since releasing the first edition of the sRs Trend Rider…

I am proud to introduce 6 major features that will make your trading even more effortless, profitable and 99% automated.

" The sRs Trend Rider with its Built-in Artificial Intelligence Can Turn Even a Newbie into a - Forex Trading Wizard! "

You've never Seen Anything like this... The World's First and Most Profitable Forex Hybrid Trading Strategy - sRs Trend Rider

For the first time ever, we've combined the strength of a sophisticated Forex robot with a market tested automated Blueprint to produce a 99% automated strategy that simply cannot lose.

No more analysing the charts… No more searching for the right market conditions… No more verifying strategy conditions manually…

  • The sRs Trend Rider 2.0 automates this process for you. The only thing you are left to do is execute the trades and count your winning trades thanks to these invaluable new features:
  • sRs Dashboard- Displays a visual signal that summarizes the trading rules. Get a clear, simple call to action sign instead of scrutinizing the charts, analysing technical indicators and verifying trade setups manually as on sRs Trend Rider 1.0.
  • Force Index Indicator- Higher timeframes scanner. This tool scans the higher timeframe for you to ensure top accuracy and trend detection.
  • The sRs Control Panel- Forget about manually managing your trades according to my strict trade management rules. To simplify the process of opening and managing the orders I've created an extremely easy to use trade panel.
  • NEW! sRs Scanner- Easily trade as many charts as you want while keeping only one chart open. This new addition makes trading multiple charts extremely simple and efficient.
  • Email & mobile phone notifications- From now on receive instant trade alerts via e-mail and mobile phone.
  • Customized trades for conservative and for aggressive traders- No more deliberating on whether a specific signal meets your trading preferences. sRs Trend Rider 2.0 generates separate alerts for conservative and for aggressive trade setups.

So Far The System Was Geared Towards Traders Who Have The Time And Energy To Learn The Strategy Rules And To Follow The Charts For 30 Minutes A Day.

Now sRs Trend Rider 2.0 Does 99% of the Work -All You Need to Do Is Push a Button and Profit!

Here's a glimpse of sRs Trend Rider in Action:

160pips in 30 minutes

Here is your chance to finally master the Forex Market
and permanenly escape the 9 to 5 rat race forever.


Take Action Now

  • Snatch 3,600 pips per month from just 2 currency pairs
  • Protect your profits with Automatic Risk and Money Management rules using the now automated Trade Panel
  • Make money in roaring bull rallies or heart-stopping bear reversals - It doesn't matter because you still make money
  • Unchain yourself from your computer - you will make all the money you will ever need and you no longer need to stare at the screen for more than 30 minutes a day
  • Stop worrying about making the right decision - my proven pip snatching algorithm is built right into the strategy
  • Finally you can ignore the conflicting gibberish from so-called Forex experts. Now you can quietly and quickly make money with a push of a button

From the desk of: Vladimir Ribakov
Re: I can't believe I'm offering this...
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dear FX Trader,

Let me be absolutely clear. It doesn't matter if you are a trading rookie who's never invested a dollar in your life or an advanced trader! It doesn't matter if you've never made money in the Forex market, hate computers, or can barely do basic math.

I can teach you how to make money- making Forex trades in 24 hours or less. Plus, I will give you a powerful tool that will automate your trades so that you can...

Gain the Power to Make Split Second Profitable Trades in Up and Down Markets But before I show you how to change your financial destiny forever

Ask Yourself

Did you answer YES to any of these questions?

Then sRs Trend Rider 2.0 may be the perfect solution for you.
But before I show you how to get this never seen-before system, let me tell you a bit about myself -

Humiliated - How I Lost 10,000
of My Parent's Life Savings ...

Years ago, I decided to make a little easy money with the Forex market. I've always been good with numbers and I believed that the fast action of the Forex Market played nicely to my talents.

I obsessed over the markets day and night. I attended every seminar that I could afford. I read thousands of articles and devoured books from trading gurus. I couldn't get enough of the market and quickly applied my strategies using a demo account.

And like magic, I began to make a few percentage points on the market. It was addictive to make $50, $100, or $250. I got so good that I convinced myself that I couldn't lose and was ready for some real cash.

I approached my parents and convinced them to try out my strategies. After some soul searching they gave me $10,000 to invest.

Which, I quickly lost.

I was devastated, humiliated and ready to call it quits until...

I stumbled across a pattern in my trade logs that seemed too good to be true. Luckily, I had recorded every trade that I made and the result. I meticulously wrote down my logic and the conditions for the trade. Basically, I had a clear blueprint of what NOT to do while trading the Forex.

It didn't take me long to do devise a new trading strategy built on my hard-earned trial and error of the past. In fact, I discovered that my new strategy could be summarized into 4 Easy Rules!

I scrapped together some money and started over from scratch. Day after day, my strategy delivered profitable trades in some cases up to 100 pips per day. Soon, I was able to repay my parent's $10,000 with a substantial profit!

I kept refining my strategy for years and privately using it to build a massive "egg nest" that allows me to work full-time trading my own account. I later named my method: "The sRs Trend Rider". It is simple, elegant and powerful.

But most of all it delivers consistent results.

These days, 7 years after releasing the first version that gained thousands of fans worldwide, I am releasing an improved, friendlier and more profitable edition.

Responses in the Community
After The First Year

The sRs trend Rider was released on January 2010 and since then it has been traded by thousands of Forex traders around the world.

Since then, even the most cynical Forex rating services have given it an unbiased "Excellent" rating. It's won the loyalty of Forex beginners and professional traders alike.

It's Incredibly Simple to Make Money on the Forex Market if You Have The Tools

People kept asking me for a fully automated version of the system, but I insisted on denying them saying there is no replacement for the human eye rule.

I refused to risk my name and reputation on a fully automated system until I am 100% confident it will work without fail.

Finally after years of rigorous testing I am happy to release an even better trading system.

Any person, advanced trader or a newbie, can install the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 and earn money on his very first day.

If you've tried trading on the Forex markets and lost money then you should know that it wasn't your fault!

Today, most Forex traders are taught the wrong way to trade! They are handed complicated books with exotic theories or hopelessly complicated software and sent on their way. This process just doesn't work.

Forex is a Human Market that Still
Requires YOUR (brief) Attention

The best way to make money fast is to understand the signs of a favorable market condition at a glance. Any training program should teach you how to find an opportunity and pounce on it immediately and decisively.

This was the leading idea behind the sRs Trend Rider 1.0, but it was relatively complicated for some people due to time constraints.

By releasing the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 I remove the time and learning obstacles from you.

You should not need to spend hours studying trends and charts. You SHOULD be able to receive a simple alert, make a decision, and make your trade - within 12 seconds or less!

This is what the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 is here for.

With the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 user guide you will learn how this strategy works because I don't believe in black boxes.

You will understand the function and reasoning behind every component of the system even though you don't need it for trading.

The 4 sRs components you receive will do the work for you. It couldn't get any easier.

It's Incredibly Simple to Make Money on the Forex Market if You Have The Tools

Without a doubt, sRs Trend Rider will make more Forex Millionaires this year than the rest of the industry combined. I can be so bold (maybe a bit cocky) because I have been making money every day for the past years with what you are getting today.

You can't lose.

Let's review the components of the core sRs Trend Rider 2.0 System:

srs trend rider dashboard
sRs Trend Rider Dashboard

The Dashboard displays visual signals provided the trading rules are met. These rules are based on the sRs Trend Rider indicator, the foundation to the entire sRs Trend Rider system. The Forex indicator is built upon a highly sophisticated algorithm that I developed and refined over my years of trading Forex market.
its accuracy will absolutely amaze you. I've jealously guarded this secret for years.

You don't need to understand how the indicator works as you only need the final outcome which is the visual signal. But, if you take a close look at the Indicator you will see one of the key secrets to the sRs system - "The 10,000 Level" - I will show you how the indicator:
  • Identifies the exact time to enter and exit a market.
  • Expertly evaluates currency pair momentum and market trends as it provides you with proven buy long or sell short signals.
  • Avoids unfriendly market conditions that potentially cause losses.
sRs Trend Rider Indicator

The Force Index Indicator plugs into your MetaTrader software and scans higher timeframes to ensure the conditions for sRs trades are met there as well. This 2-step verification process ensures you get visual signals only when all the required conditions are met on both timeframes. By using this method sRs Trend Rider 2.0 identifies the strongest trends and safest trades.

The combination of the sRs strategy and the Force Index Indicator makes your trade decision simpler than picking a pair of socks to wear in the morning. You won't believe your eyes as the visual signals magically simplify market movements and erase all stress from your decision making.
sRs Trend Rider Robot

Lying at the core of the sRs Trend Rider is the fully trained and now fully automated sRs Control Panel robot. You'll be amazed by how smart and simple this robot really is.

The sRs Control Panel takes all emotion out of the trade. No more stressful trading sessions second-guessing yourself and worrying about every tick of the market.
Just sit back and let the sRs Control Panel supervise the risk management, calculate trade sizes, open trades and identify the best profit targets. You use my 4 proven rules to make a quick decision to confirm the trade. Push the button and you're done.
The robot takes over the chore of watching and protecting your trade. I've programmed clever "profit maximization and profit protection" rules into the robot using my proven 2-phased trade management strategy. The robot will reliably stop you out of a bad trade and safely extract your profits on a good trade. There's no risk to you.
Best of all, the sRs Control Panel is simple for the beginner AND gives complete control to the advanced trader.
sRs Trend Rider Robot

The new sRs Scanner will look for setups across multiple pairs that you choose.No more opening and monitoring 10 charts for 10 pairs and timeframes. Now, load the sRs scanner on one chart only, and it will alert you about all the pairs and timeframes you select.

The sRs scanner consists of: instrument name, type of signal (aggressive or conservative), direction of the signal (buy or sell), and an OPEN button which is a shortcut to the chart you are interested in. Another great feature of the scanner is the option to select aggressive signals, conservative signals, or both. Many traders have requested this features and here it is!
sRs Trend Rider Alert

The sRs Trend Rider Alert component will free you to do everything you like, instead of constantly staring at your computer screen looking for trading opportunities. The sRs Dashboard will produce an audible alert, email and phone alerts to call you to your computer when a good opportunity presents itself in the market.

srs trend rider pc alert

Mobile Alert: Android & iOS Supported

srs trend rider mobile alert


  • Step-by-Step tutorials and over the shoulder screenshots so that you can start making winning trades immediately
  • Exclusive detailed instructions on how to use my 4 Rule Strategy.
  • Don't worry, I would just like you to know them, but actually the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 will do everything for you
  • Get the "Eagle Eye" and learn to spot bullish and bearish trends AND know exactly the right strategy to use to cash in
  • The secret money-making currency pairs that consistently offer profitable pip opportunities throughout the trading day (up to 100 per day by my last count!)
  • Learn the best time to trade and smuggle out pips when everyone is looking the wrong way!
  • Exact instructions on the best price to enter a trade and how to accurately set your stop loss and take profit triggers
  • My personal cheat sheet for easily installing and configuring your MetaTrader Software. I'll have you up and making successful trades in 12 minutes flat...
  • And much, much, more!

Where do i order?

How sRs Trend Rider 2.0 Turns
Even a Forex Newbie into a Forex Master

We know that most of you already experienced trading manually or with a Forex robot, but nothing has prepared you for the sRs Trend Rider strategy. It has the accuracy of a professional trader yet with my help, it has the ability to do 99% of the workload for you.

This cutting-edge system is on a completely different level of sophistication and accuracy than anything ever to be offered to private traders and investors. However, this doesn't mean you must have the experience of a top pro trader to enjoy its power, since as I explained earlier, I designed the system to do 99% of the workload for you.

Let's go over a typical sRs trade:

Step One Install the sRs 2.0 package into your MetaTrader Software

Install the sRs 2.0 package into your MetaTrader Software. The sRs Trend Rider comes with an automated installation program that places all the sRs files in their appropriate folders in your computer. It's simple and I will show you how to complete the easy process in under 5 minutes.

Step Two Wait for the system to spot a trade for you

Get a cup of coffee and let the sRs Dashboard alert you.

Or, use sRs scanner if you would like to trade multiple charts NEW!

Step Three Confirm the trade

Confirm the trade and the sRs Control Panel will take it from there.

Step Four Enjoy your free time and count your profits

Confirm the trade and the sRs Control panel will take it from there.

That's it. You're done!

The trade in the chart in Step 3 above lasted 30 minutes and delivered 160 pips for a profit of $2,000.

The entire trade was managed automatically by the sRs Control Panel that watched my risk and extracted my profits at exactly the right time.

This is a typical trade in a sRs user's day.sRs has performed flawlessly for me (and my closest friends) for years. Now you can use it too...

Make More Money in 2 Hours
Than You Can In An Entire Week!

Please read this very carefully.

You might be asking yourself - "Where will I find the time to work this strategy?"

This is a fair question. Afterall, other manual strategies require you to stare at your trading screen for hours waiting for opportunities. However, sRs Trend Rider 2.0 is drastically different.

I build the sRs Trend Rider to be a "Glimpse, Decide, and Trade" strategy that will require a "minute" investment of your time.

Here's how sRs Trend Rider 2.0 makes you more money in less time:

The strategy is almost 100% automatic. You only need to take a quick glimpse at the trading robot's recommendations to confirm that the situation is favorable for a winning trade. From there, you just push a button to execute the trade.

You can trade and extract pips at any time of day with every currency pair. This means you can trade when it's convenient for you. Feel free to relax, spend time with your family and then when you have a few minutes make a nice profit with almost zero work.

How to Know if sRs Trend Rider 2.0 is for You...

If you can always spot which direction the market is trending, and you're almost always right, then you might not need it.

If you are a professional trader with a large staff of analysts at your disposal, constantly charting market activity and trading your account then sRs Trend Rider might also not be for you.

But, there are certain persistent challenges that Forex traders have but other trading systems can't solve or are not addressed.

Take a look at the list below and if you have experienced any of these problems then I strongly recommend you install sRs Trend Rider 2.0 NOW (and if you have more than one of these problems you should install the program here immediately).

  • If you've ever seen a market opportunity but froze because you weren't sure at what price to enter in...
  • If you've ever set your take-profit price too low and watched the market gallop past your position - snatching profits from your fingertips
  • If you are still sitting on the trading sidelines confused by conflicting Forex strategies taught by so-called gurus, or baffled by analyst's gibberish
  • If you've been burned in the past by professional Forex marketers who peddle advice but are not real traders themselves
  • If you don't have the time to babysit a trading account but want to safely automate some of your trading activities
  • If your current trading strategy is not working as well as it used to and you feel it's time to update your strategy

Here's the bottom line -

By now, you know if you need sRs Trend Rider 2.0. Your "gut" have already told you that you could use this smart, easy, and proven strategy -

There is a great chance that this program contains the one critical insight that you need to make as much money as you want. So, I will make sure that you get the chance to own sRs Trend Rider 2.0 for yourself.

Make More Money in 2 Hours
Than You Can in An Entire Week!

Let's sum up what you get:

  • The sRs Trend Rider Strategy Manual: My complete Forex Trading strategy, inside techniques and how to use this system for easily pulling +100 pips a day out of the Forex Market (Value:$297 - this strategy manual could be sold by itself as an independent trading strategy)
  • Complete sRs Trend Rider 2.0 Software suite including:

    1.The sRs Trend Rider Dashboard ($67)
    2.The sRs Trend Rider Force Index Indicator (built-in the sRs Trend Rider Dashboard) - Value $67
    3.The sRs Control Panel ($67)
    4.The sRs Scanner ($67) NEW!
    5.Email and phone alerts ($197)

    Each Component of the suite could easily have been sold as an independent software.
    (Total value: $612)
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials detailing how to use the entire system.

Altogether , sRs Trend Rider 2.0 is a $612 value. This is a complete steal considering that you can recoup your investment with a single trade. In fact, up until a few days ago, I was prepared to charge the full amount.

But, I decided to take a gamble with my followers.

You see, I want to continue building my reputation and to build a business relationship with you. I believe that if I show you real results that you will continue to do business with me for a long time. Frankly, the value of our long-term relationship justifies me doing something extremely irrational.

So, I was offering the complete sRs Trend Rider 2.0 Package for a one-time investment of just $297.00



As part of my efforts to provide you with a better and safer trading environment I have decided to partner with several brokers whom I find to be reliable and who agreed to sponsor the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 for my followers.

This means that you can open a trading account with one of the brokers, fund it, be an active trader and get the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 for FREE.

Please note that I am extending this offer for a short period of time, and I will have to end this promotion soon. Of course this will not affect traders who have already opened accounts with the brokers - they receive life-time licenses, including all future updates for free.

How You Can Gain Access To sRs Trend Rider 2.0

There are two ways you can access this product. You can either purchase it for the one-time listed price on this page, or you can sign up for (and fund) a brokerage account with one of our preferred brokers.

Option #1: Making a Purchase

This is a popular option for traders who already have trading accounts or who are not able to open an account with one of our listed brokers because of legal restrictions, like country of residence. Some brokers won’t allow US citizens, for example, to sign up for an account. This is why you can always purchase the software via PayPal or a credit/debit card and download it immediately.

Order Now!
*Important: you don't need a PayPal account to make a purchase.
See how you can do it.

Option #2: Opening an Account

For traders who do not wish to spend money to receive this product, a popular option is to open and fund a brokerage account with one of our preferred brokers. We will receive a small commission upon the completion of this process, but there is absolutely no cost to you and you will receive the software as soon as the account is funded.


It is extremely important to note that we have absolutely no loyalty and/or obligations to our list of preferred brokers. Our loyalty is always with you, the user. Therefore, if at anytime you feel you are not receiving proper service from the broker you signed up with, please reach out to us immediately. We do our best to only recommend brokers who have a strong record of outstanding customer service and financial integrity. Our main priority is providing the best trading product possible.

With that said, although Vladimir personally stands behind all of the recommended brokers, his sole focus is to help you become a successful trader, not grow the brokerage industry. So if you ever have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

In order to continue with this option, please fill the form below:

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